Charlotte Central School off to big start in new year

Charlotte Central School has been on holiday break, but there have been a number of important activities happening at the school before and after the vacation.

In the last weeks of December: fifth grade student authors shared their narrative writing with classmates who wrote them Post-it notes of positive feedback; second graders completed their poems and shared them with classmates; fourth grade students presented their Revolutionary War books; the fifth-eighth grade bands performed a variety of songs for a full house in the multipurpose room; and the fifth-eighth grade chorus pulled together some seasonal songs of snow that had an enthusiastic crowd up and dancing.

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In addition to the creative student projects, the school community provided a teacher appreciation luncheon for the staff before vacation. The staff room was filled with soups, pasta dishes, salads and lovely sweets, which the teachers truly appreciated. Thank yous are extended to everyone who contributed to the luncheon.

January brings a unique point in the school year. With the first winter break behind, students returned this week and demonstrated that the expectations and procedures they’ve been building and practicing since September have solidified and become routine.

Although transitions back to school after a long break can come with challenges, it’s fair to say that students and staff found their rhythm as a community shortly after arriving on Tuesday, Jan. 3. As the front doors of the school opened for arrival; melodious tunes were spilling from the jazz band room; there was laughter in the hallways; colleagues were reconnecting after their time apart; and classrooms were bright. Soon thereafter, students and teachers alike were settled into their morning meetings and advisory circles.

Much appreciation is extended to the second-grade cohort for leading the Friday whole school assembly. Structured like a morning meeting, every member of the school community greeted each other and shared a favorite snowflake pattern. The assembled school listened to the story Snowy Day by Ezra Jacks Keats, especially enjoying the beatbox sound effects. The next activity stood everyone up to do the Snowky Pokey dance. Whether in kindergarten or eighth grade, laughter and cheers showed the joy of this activity. Congratulations to the second graders for spreading joy throughout the school community.

Spring theater and spelling club
A theater production is something Charlotte Central School feels is important for students, but there was not the capacity as a school to do it alone. When the community was asked for support, a Champlain Valley School District parent came forward with a vision of making it happen. As a result, Charlotte Central School will be partnering with Full Circle Theater this spring to put on a spring performance. More information will be available as the process evolves.

A Charlotte Central School parent reached out asking about supporting a spelling club for kids using materials from the Scripps Spelling Bee. It may become possible for students in third through eighth grades to participate in a spelling club during their lunch/recess block. Kids in these cohorts who are interested in working with words and rich literature would be invited to join.

Details are being worked out, which include a few parent or community volunteers to support this endeavor. The commitment would be two days a week from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. (actual days still being determined). If you are interested in supporting this, please send an email.