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If you read Front Porch Forum or attended a few selectboard meetings, you might think Charlotte is facing any number of problems that just don’t have a solution. Speeding in our villages! Lack of affordable housing! Ineffective town government! Low voter turnout! Dwindling volunteerism! And on and on.

But … Charlotte is not the only place where these issues have been faced … and addressed. An enterprising newspaper would do some research and find out how other small towns have tackled and solved these intractable problems. Now, this paper wouldn’t presume to present the answer to any of Charlotte’s issues. That’s just not our job. But we can do some digging to see what works in other towns.

For a specific example of this kind of reporting, see “Speeding: What have other towns done?” a story by Brett Yates in this edition of the paper. We hope that this story will inform both conversations among neighbors and also decision making at selectboard meetings … and lead to action.

But here’s the thing: This type of reporting takes time and money, both of which are in short supply at any small, nonprofit community newspaper. But we think Charlotte deserves some answers. Don’t you?

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