Lake Champlain Basin Program seeks pre-proposals for clean water research

The Lake Champlain Basin Program is seeking pre-proposals for research projects that will improve understanding of water and ecosystem resources in the Lake Champlain Basin and guide effective management.

Proposed projects should be planned to begin in early 2024. The total request for each project may range from $25,000 to $300,000.

Research pre-proposals should support the clean water or healthy ecosystems goals outlined in Opportunities for Action, the Lake Champlain Basin Program’s management plan. The Lake Champlain Basin Program is particularly interested in funding projects that address any of the following priorities:

Research to understand the root causes of environmental trends in the Lake Champlain Basin, including in-lake trends and tributary loading trends

Research to increase understanding of groundwater transport of nutrients and contaminants in the Lake Champlain Basin through monitoring and modeling efforts

Research to develop innovative watershed or in-lake management approaches likely to improve water quality, including engineering solutions, socio-economic studies, and/or cost-benefit analyses for proposed approaches

Research to develop new and innovative aquatic invasive species spread prevention programs and control technologies capable of addressing real and potential aquatic invasive species impacts, including sea lamprey, to the Lake Champlain ecosystem and fishery, human health and the regional economy.

Research to improve understanding of aquatic invasive species impacts to Lake Champlain’s ecosystem and economy under climate change predictions.

Applicants must submit pre-proposals no later than noon on Nov. 11.