School getting back in the groove of routines

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Charlotte Central School took time last Friday afternoon to reflect on how far students have come to reacclimate or orient to school routines.

There has been a lot of teaching and reteaching of what it looks like to be a learner and friend.

The K-8 classrooms have been creating agreements that align with the three precepts of take care of ourselves, take care of others and take care of this place.

Teachers are modeling language for students to use to advocate for themselves and to share compassion. The ultimate goal is to create a school where all staff, students and community members feel belonging and appreciation.

ACCESS back in action
ACCESS at Champlain Valley Union High has started another semester of enrichment options for both in-person and online learners.

The fall and winter season runs from September to January, and the majority of classes take place at the high school with the exception of online classes offered through Zoom.

Class descriptions and details are listed on the website and can be sorted by category, month, week or online. With over 200 class options and 89 fabulous instructors, there is something for everyone at ACCESS.

Enroll today because popular classes fill quickly and low enrollment leads to canceled classes. To enroll online, see the website. For questions about classes or to enroll, send an email or call 802-482-7194.