Charlotte Central School Newsletter – March 10, 2022

Charlotte Central School shares mask and other updates
As we ease toward the official beginning of spring, there are many new opportunities and updates to share.
Volleyball for students in 7th/8th grade starts Monday. Please remember to sign your child up for the activities bus if they need to utilize that transportation.

Girls on the Run at Charlotte Central School: Registration for Girls on the Run is now open for students in grades 3-5. Twice a week for eight weeks, girls of all abilities will have fun, build positive connections, learn important life skills, and strengthen their physical and emotional health. Register on the website.

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An update on Champlain Valley School District mitigation guidelines was sent out. As of Monday, March 7, masks became optional in the district schools. Anyone who wants the layer of protection that high-quality masks provide should feel free to wear them.

School transportation: The Centers for Disease Control changed their requirement about masks on school buses. They are no longer required. Anyone who wants to wear a mask on a school bus is welcome to do so.

Schools will have the option of returning to more flexible lunch configurations, including the mixing of students in different learning cohorts.

Congratulations to all students who participated in this year’s Mathcounts team. Over the course of the season, students played math games and deepened their understanding of different bases, probability, the interior angles of polygons, measures of center and more. Students had the opportunity to compete in the district and regional competitions, meeting other students who love math and getting to puzzle through all sorts of problems.

Champlain Valley School District Board of Directors’ gratitude
A heartfelt thank you for your continued support of the Champlain Valley School District’s students and schools. The CVSD FY23 budget and related articles all passed in a year that continues to test the creativity, patience and tenacity of each and every one of us. Our community, once again, came together in support of public education.

We welcome you to continue to engage with us at the monthly board meeting. Meeting details, Zoom log-in and agendas can be found on the school board page of the district’s website.

District outreach coordinator  
District outreach coordinator is a newly created position intended to provide a variety of support to families experiencing instability or homelessness.

The coordinator works alongside the school support teams to facilitate access to housing resources and make sure all members of the community have the information they need to ensure they are in permanent, safe, stable housing.

There are no requirements to access housing support services in the school district. Housing support services can be accessed by email, call Jennie Davis at 802-829-6257, or talk to a teacher, school counselor or school social worker to let them know you are interested in connecting with these services.

Developmental screenings available for children ages birth through 6 years
Children ages birth through 3 years
Do you have concerns about your child’s development? Families with children from birth through age three may be eligible to receive services, through Children’s Integrated Services. CIS services are family-centered, child-focused and delivered through a network of providers throughout Vermont. Services could include parenting support, developmental assessments, speech, language, motor or vision services. All children who qualify for early intervention are eligible for these free services, regardless of their family’s income, in accordance with the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Part C.  For information contact: the Family Center of Northwestern Counseling & Support Services, Liz Hamel.

Children ages 3 years through 6 years, prior to kindergarten
Our teams of early childhood special educators, speech-language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists are available to help screen your child, ages three to six years, when you have concerns about development. If you or your child’s early childhood teacher have any concerns about your child’s development in the areas of communication, social-emotional, motor, adaptive or cognitive development, please contact Kristin Eisensmith.