Staff report

Charlotte CVU and collegiate student award recipients

CVU Award winners
Access CVU Scholarship: Isaac Krementsov
Coach David Bremner Award: Henry Bijur
Creative Writing Award: Courtney McDermott
CVU Redhawk Football Award: Seth Boffa
Diligence Award: Lucy Barringer, Madison Hallock
Excellence in Mathematical Thinking Award: Ethan Lisle
Excellence in Science Award: Seth Boffa
French V Language Award: Henry Bijur, Seth Boffa
John Phillip Souza Band Award: Elyse Martin-Smith
Journalism Award: Brennan Murdock
Kevin Riell Memorial Scholarship: Seth Boffa
Larry Wagner Math Award: Skyler Heininger, Isaac Krementsov
Palmer Athletic Award: Seth Boffa
Principal’s Leadership Award: Elyse Martin-Smith
School Director’s Award: Isaac Krementsov
Twenty-First Century Social Studies Award: Elyse Martin-Smith
University of Vermont Green and Gold Scholarship: Henry Bijur
U.S. Presidential Scholarship Nominee: Isaac Krementsov, Cooper Whalen
Telecom Eunice B. Farr Incentive Award: Madison Hallock

Collegiate Award Recipients
Worcester Polytechnic Dean’s List:
Isa Kaplan, member of the class of 2024, an Electrical and Computer Engineering major was named to the List for academic excellence, Spring 2021 semester.

University of New Hampshire:
Julie Sulva, a history major, earned Dean’s List honors for the Spring 2021 semester.

The VAST Program at Vermont Academy of Science and Technology, Vermont Technical College:
Amelia Anair was among 40 students who graduated from Vermont Tech’s VAST Program in Spring 2021. In addition to a high school diploma, they received credits toward their first year of college.

Congratulations are extended to Eva Mazur for her two poems selected to be published in the Young Writers Project of the Burlington Free Press. Her first piece appeared in the June 18 issue, and it was titled “School.” In it Eva reflects on the past school year that was unlike any previous one and a year that “no kid will forget.” It was the “year every kid was affected in some way by the pandemic.”

Her second poem appeared the following week and was titled “Believe in what you write!” She begins by saying “It’s hard trying to put all your thoughts onto a blank piece of paper.” She says her writing will be judged and criticized by its readers. However, what she says on the page are her thoughts and ideas, and the writer must “believe in what she writes!”

is extended to family and friends of Shawn C. Coyle who died peacefully on June 19 at the McClure Miller Respite House in Colchester, VT. His surviving family includes his wife, Tricia Coyle, of Charlotte.