John Quinney, Interim President and Publisher

Mara Brooks

Mara Brooks, Editor

We are pleased to announce that Mara Brooks is joining the paper as our Editor, effective immediately.

We first heard about Mara from emails that we sent to a number of community newspapers, including The Montpelier Bridge, a nonprofit paper like The Charlotte News, where Mara was formerly the editor-in-chief and business manager. At The Bridge, Mara managed the newsroom, assigned stories to reporters and freelancers, made all the editorial decisions for print and digital, and boosted the organization’s online presence. In her more than two decades in print and online journalism, Mara has covered topics ranging from environmental issues to crime, science, art, entertainment, and culture. Since 2019, Mara has been the editor for community newspaper The Hardwick Gazette and she is the communications coordinator for the Community of Vermont Elders, a nonprofit advocacy group.

“Community journalism is my first love,” Mara said. “I am so excited to join The Charlotte News team and learn everything there is to know about this incredible town.”

Mara will visit Charlotte on a regular basis and is looking forward to meeting and getting to know our readers, community volunteers, and those working at Town Hall, the Charlotte Senior Center, Fire and Rescue and the Charlotte Library.

Mara currently lives in Barre, and, surprise fun fact, is fascinated by theoretical physics.

“Reading about physics is how I de-stress,” she said. “I know that sounds weird but contemplating the second law of thermodynamics is very relaxing.”

Welcome aboard Mara.