New Traffic Signal for North Ferrisburgh


As a reporter for The Charlotte News, I am learning to keep on the lookout for the next big scoop that will propel my career forward.  I thought I had found it the other day when I spotted a construction trailer parked at the now defunct Jimmo’s Motel in North Ferrisburgh. Could we have somehow missed the next Maplefields,  a reborn Jimmo’s, strip mall, or maybe an infill condo project?

Courtesy Google maps

A call to the Ferrisburgh Town Clerk brought me back to earth.  The construction trailer is for the crew that will be erecting traffic signals at the busy intersection of Route 7 and Middlebrook/Little Chicago Road. Pam Cousino, Town Clerk in Ferrisburgh, shed some more light on the project. After consideration of various alternatives, including a roundabout, the state DOT decided on traditional traffic signals.  If they are like the ones at Ferry Road and further north on Shelburne Road, they will be reasonably well sequenced to keep traffic moving along.  Pam said that between now and the project’s scheduled completion in October, motorists may encounter some delays.