By Peter Joslin, Planning Commission


The Charlotte Planning Commission was fortunate to have Marty Illick as a member for nearly a decade. She was a collaborator and believed strongly in “boots on the ground,” encouraging neighbors near and far to participate in the health and well-being of Charlotte, Vermont, and beyond. As mentioned in numerous tributes, she was a steward of the land in every sense of the word and her commitment was infectious. As a Planning Commissioner she was articulate, insightful and respectful in a way that one wanted to emulate. She was friend and mentor, forthright and caring.

Marty Illick

Marty Illick

Marty was capital “C” committed to her town and beyond. Marty was like the “Lorax” of Dr. Seuss fable, who said, “I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues.” She spoke not only for the trees, but for the wetlands, rivers and streams she so loved and did so with respect and consideration of landowners.

She believed strongly in outreach and education as a means by which to engage the public to promote the importance of protecting the natural world. This commitment, coupled with coaxing and cajoling friends and neighbors to actively participate, is a piece of her legacy.

The Planning Commission is forever grateful to have known and worked with Marty. We extend our condolences to Tai Dinnan and her family.

Charlotte Planning Commission members Gerald Bouchard, Kelly Devine, Peter Joslin, Charlie Pugh, Ben Pualwan, Bill Stuono and Charlotte Town Planner Larry Lewack