Letter To The Editor – January 21, 2020

The Famous Red Onion sandwich will be available to Charlotters in their own town starting this November.Photo by Tyler Lederer
Photo by Tyler Lederer

To Charlotte residents:

Thank you for the warm welcome and support you have given to The Red Onion!

We want to remind the community that parking to access our building is in the lower gravel parking lot. You can then access The Red Onion and our other tenants by the stairs or walking around to the front. The Charlotte Planning Commission only approved one ADA space next to the ramp to access our building’s upper entry. There is no other parking available at the front of the building. We don’t want the new interim zoning administrator to be instructed to issue any zoning violations to us due to parking in front of the building.

The gravel space at the front of our building is there for emergency vehicles to access the building and access the ADA ramp. We utilized this front space to build out the upper floors for construction and supply delivery vehicles. This summer will bring enhanced landscaping, signage, and easier access for those with disabilities.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Debra Kassabian