Chea Waters Evans and Anna Cyr

This nonprofit newspaper is filled every week with contributions from Charlotters—most of them volunteers—who write beautifully, who take gorgeous photos, who want to share what’s going on in their hearts and in their town. We are immensely grateful for them and all they do for the paper and hope that they continue to share their talents for years to come.

The following contributors are just from 2020 alone. We are so lucky to have you all.

Amelie Fairweather, Amy deGroot, Arnold Thomas, Ava Borquist, Ava Ringler, Bill Fraser-Harris, Bonnie Kirn Donahue, Bradley Carleton, Carolyn Kulick, Chase McGuire, Chol Dhoor, Ciara McEneany, Dave Perrin, Deirdre Holmes, Edd Merritt, Elizabeth Bassett, Elizabeth Hunt, Eloise Glasscoe, Emily Raabe, Ethan Tapper, Flossie Eagan, Hayward Herlihy, Helen Toor, Jeanne Kackza-Valliere, Jess Lahey, Jessica Savage, Jim Donovan, Jim Hyde, Jim Squires, Joan Weed, John Moses, Jorden Blucher, Judith Tuttle, Juliann Phelps, Kate Kelly, Kate Lampton, Katherine Arthaud, Katherine Spencer, Kevin Goldenbogen, Kim Findlay, Kristin Borquist, Larry Lewack, Lilly Menk, Lily Mae Siedlecki, Louisa Langfeldt, Louise McCarren, Margaret Woodruff, Marianna Fairweather, Mark Dillenbeck, Mary Mead, MaryAnne Gatos, Matt Jennings, Mavis Carr, Mike Walker, Mike Yantachka, Missy Adams, Nadie VanZandt, Nan Mason, Nancy Richardson, Nicole Conley, Phyl Newbeck, Rebecca Foster, Reed Herlihy, Rob Mullin, Rookie Manning, Roz Graham, Ruah Swennerfelt, Sandi Detwiler, Stephanie Sumner, Susan Crockenberg, Susan Ohanian, Tim Lahey, Trina Bianchi, Tyler Lederer, Vera Moroney

Alison Williams, Annie Montgomery, Audrey Ziter, Bill Fraser-Harris, Bonnie Kirn Donahue, Caitlin Herr, Carrie Fenn, Chris Falk, Cindi Robinson, Dale Hyerstay, Dean Bloch, Deirdre Holmes, Edd Merritt, Elizabeth Hunt,, Frances Foster, Greta Hagios, Hank Kaestner, James Ingram, Janice Heilmann, Jen Novak, Jim Squires, John Quinney, Julian Kulski, Kirsten O’Connell, Lee Krohn, Linda Gilbert, Mark Rochefort, Mary Landon, Mike Yantachka, Nancy Goodrich, Olivia Hagios, Patrice Machavern, Quinn Sunderland, Rebecca Foster, Rik Carlson, Rookie Manning, Ross Montgomery, Sam Moore, Sumru Tekin,, Susan Sim, Susie Marchand, Suzy Hodgson, Tyler Lederer, Zach Williamson

Other notable helpers
Beth Merritt, copyediting and proofreading
Christina Asquith, Junior Reporters Club
Flynn Waters, technology consulting
Jack Fairweather, Junior Reporters Club
Mike & Janet Yantachka, proofreading
Patrice Machavern, CVFRS data
Junior Tuiqere, Newspaper delivery