Anna Cyr

Dollar house

Sept. 28. Eric Sturm and Melissa Marcello to Christopher and Natalie Kanner, 4.8 acres with dwelling, 436 Claflin Farm Road, $834,000.

Sept. 29. Dean C.B. Freeman, Trustee of the Dean C.B. Freeman Trust, to Leslie L. Tucker, Trustee of the Leslie L. Tucker Trust, .96 acres with dwelling, 345 Hills Point Road, $511,240.

Oct. 2. Liam and Laura Murphy to Matthew and Martina Bex, 2.1 acres, land only, 431 South Forty Road lot #5, $175,000.

Oct. 3. Henry Sauer, Jr. and Teresa Mares to Walter and Amanda McCarthy, .28 acres with dwelling, 2255 Greenbush Road, $370,000.

Oct. 5. A. Johnson Co. LLC to Millennium Trust Co. LLC, 112.53 acres, Lewis Creek Road lots 2 and 3, $320,000.

Oct. 6. Stephen and Sallie Pintauro to Marcus and Ellen Baker, 3.12 acres with dwelling, 6110 Mt. Philo Road, $1,995,000.

Oct. 7. Christopher O’Brien and Jamie Ha-O’Brien to Caitlin and Jesus Calderon, 4.63 acres with dwelling, 298 Whalley Road, $408,000.

Oct. 7. Max A. Miller Trust and Susan R. Durham Trust to Richard, Sr. and Judith Ahrens, 8 acres with dwelling, 178 Popple Dungeon Road, $1,100,000.

Oct. 8. Nina Cucchiari to Allison Birney and Arthur Birney, Jr., seasonal cottage, 1002 Flat Rock Road, $625,000.

Oct. 13. Norman and Constance Archer to Champlain Housing Trust Inc., dwelling only, 2 Common Way, $298,000.

Oct. 13. Champlain Housing Trust Inc. to Matthew Burke, dwelling only, 2 Common Way, $298,000.

Oct. 13. Heather Bartlett to James Hathaway, Jr., .47 acre with dwelling, 2812 Mt. Philo Road, $343,000.

Oct. 19. Hugh and Christine McBride to Adam Davidson and Jennifer Branbury, 30.47 acres with dwelling, 665 Prindle Road Lot 5, $910,000.

Oct. 21. Liam and Laura Murphy to Donald and Patricia Harmeyer, 2.01 acres, land only, 103 Wexford Lane, $150,000.

Oct. 26. Jeffrey Scheuer and Michell Thurmond, co-trustees of David A. Scheuer Revocable Trust, to John Cammack and Kimberly Warren, 20.28 acres with dwelling, 5261 LakemRoad, $1,251,000.

Oct. 28. John and Rosemary Bevan, Trustees of John A. Bevan Family Trust, to Alan and Andrea Landau, 6.43 acres, land only, 192 White Birch Lane, $150,000.

Oct. 30. Hylda Jane Kiley Trust to Caleb Kiley, 70.9 acres with dwelling, 2033 Dorset Street, $160,938.

Nov. 2. Robert Smith and Jeffrey Martin to William and Tina Eder (1/3%) and Bryan and Laura Ciaccia (2/3%), 4.73 acres, land only, 3888 Spear Street, $200,000.

Nov. 4. John Patnaude Family Trust to Jack Barton and Olivia Anair, 5 acres with dwelling, 565 Greenbush Road, $375,000.

Nov. 4. Per Krogh and Joan Marie White-Hansen to Greg Estep and Risa Delappe, .61 acres with dwelling, 565 Ten Stones, $640,000.

Nov. 5. Gertrude Gecewicz Jordan to Lindsay Chisholm, 5 acres with dwelling, 1550 Spear Street, $562,500.

Nov. 5. Rosine Schiess-Kishnick Trust to Walter Dario Guizler, 10.1 acres land only, 4033 Greenbush Road, $110,000.

Nov. 16. Eric Durett to Michael Dorsey, .86 acres with dwelling, 671 Ferry Road, $280,000.

Nov. 17. Residents Trust to Stonehouse Properties, 10 acres land only, 1875 Prindle Road, $210,000.

Nov. 20. Bradley Young to Justin and Brie Gelinas, 5.05 acres with dwelling, 320 Elcy Lane, $525,000.

Nov. 20. Pop the Trunk LLC to Ian Finseth and Stephanie Hawkins, 11.24 acres land only, 912 Lake Road, $279,000.

Nov. 24. Thomas Hergenrother, Sr. and Andrea Couture to Matthew Bourgault and Mary Foster, 10.96 acres with dwelling, 513 Guinea Road, $817,000.

Nov. 30. Neal and Laura Blood to Justin and Kacey Urban, 2.02 acres with dwelling, 230 Guinea Road, $346,000.

Nov. 30. Lewis Creek Associates to Kathleen Elliot and Luis F. Toro Reyes, 5.01 acres with building, 527 Ferry Road, $410,000.

Dec. 7. Drew and Dianne Chace to Jacob and Jessica Card, 5.01 acres with dwelling, 717 Orchard Road, $699,000.

Dec. 8. Elizabeth Palchak and Douglas Connelly to Paul Devlin and Emily Raabe, 5 acres with dwelling, 29 Mt. Philo Road, $530,000.

Dec. 11. Franklin and Pamela Lambert to Samuel and Amanda Slater, 1.36 acres with dwelling, 331 Wildwood West, $449,900.