How does Santa Claus deliver presents? And other facts and myths

How does Santa Claus deliver presents? Many legends are that Santa Claus delivers presents in one night, he goes down a chimney, and gives presents to every boy and girl. But is that all of them?

Some of the legends are: Santa Claus can do magic by flicking his nose; that is how he goes down the chimney and can land on fire and delivers presents all around the world in one night.

Another is that he starts by delivering at the international date line then he goes west following the earth’s rotation by going around the sun. By doing this he gains tons of extra hours so that means children are opening presents while Santa is still delivering presents.

Here is a myth with the reindeers in it: The reindeer’s antlers catch the boys’ and girls’ Christmas joy. This joy gives the reindeers and Santa more lift and they go faster. They fly and work faster than ever before, delivering presents for kids to open! This is how some people believe Santa makes the sleigh fly and gets presents delivered so fast!

Sometimes the chimneys are too small for him, what does Santa do? Here’s a myth: Santa Claus has a magic key that allows him to get into homes and apartments.

There are 1,000 kids in Charlotte, but not all families celebrate Christmas. It is recommended that Santa delivers three presents to each kid. So about 600 to 700 presents are delivered in Charlotte.

This has been lots of fun showing you the myths about Santa Claus.