Claudia Marshall, Publisher

Dear Reader, 

Claudia Marshall, Publisher 

At The Charlotte News, we believe strongly that local reporting is at the heart of a healthy community and an informed public. But we can’t do this kind of important work without you. Will you help us meet our year-end fundraising goal today?

The funding we raise this month will set us up for 2021, allowing us to continue filling a vital need—producing a non-profit newspaper that informs Charlotters about important issues and that holds our leaders accountable.

You probably understand that this type of community newspaper is unusual but you may not know that we can’t do it without your voluntary donation. Yes, The Charlotte New comes to every household in town for free, but it costs about $4,500 per issue to produce. Advertising pays much of the cost, but a growing portion is covered by readers, like you. And that’s fine with us, because it holds us accountable to you.

The clock is ticking. We have just two weeks to go in our fundraising campaign.

As of this writing, your donations have qualified us for a NewsMatch grant of $11,500 and another matching grant of $11,000 from our Board of Directors. Won’t you help support our community? Please give today to invest in nonprofit news by the people, for the people. You may make your donation online or make out your check to Friends of the Charlotte News, P.O. Box 211, Charlotte, VT 05445.

With gratitude,

Claudia Marshall
Publisher, The Charlotte News