Charlotter contributes to New York Times Sunday Review/Opinion Section

In the Oct. 18 issue of the New York Times newspaper, the editorial board members contributed opinion pieces directed at “How to End Our National Crisis.” Jesse Wegman who, while remaining on the big-city paper board, recently moved to Charlotte, is one of those members. His piece was titled “The Radicalizer in Chief.”

Congratulations once again to Charlotte 15-year-old Ava Rohrbaugh who had a poem in the Burlington Free Press Young Writers Project of Oct. 23—the third week in a row for Ava. This week’s was her end-of-life care for a dying mouse, titled simply “The Mouse.” Noticing that a mouse in her room was close to dying, she decided to put it in a box with a burning flower to give it a good smell in its last days. The mouse curled around the flower as Ava carried it to a burial spot. The author ends her poem by thinking of “the little creature wrapped around the flower that I hope smelled nice.”