Chea Waters Evans

It wasn’t the ideal 20th anniversary celebration of the East Charlotte Tractor Parade, but like everything else this year, it was memorable, nonetheless. The weather was glorious, the leaves were golden, and the wisp of the smell of diesel exhaust was in the air.

Though there were fewer tractors, the route was longer, and the crowd was dispersed throughout several miles instead of festively packed into Baptist Corners, the things that make the tractor parade so special were still there: little ones waving at the tractor drivers, friends connecting (from afar, but still connecting), and, of course, the tractors themselves. From a classic Farmall to a John Deere lawn tractor, they rumbled down Spear Street, then headed east on Hinesburg Road, chugging up the hill and out of sight, making a loop around Bean Road and back to Spear, where the drivers still had their annual luncheon.

Photos by Chea Waters Evans