By Chea Waters Evans, News editor

The Charlotte News is looking for freelance writers and reporters to help cover town news and events and to write columns about anything that might be of interest to Charlotters (farming, finance, culinary arts, hula hooping, blue green algae, dog training, wastewater, music, land conservation, property taxes, whatever else comes to mind).

Here’s what you need to be able to do:

  • Write well, though previous journalism experience is not required
  • Look deep into your heart and soul and truly know that you’re a person who can meet deadlines
  • Be curious about and have enthusiasm for Charlotte: the meetings, the people, the land

If you, or anyone you know (People working from home trying to avoid their families? College students who are online and home for the semester who want to replace partying with the Planning Commission? Secret writers who are talented but too scared to share?) is interested in doing some writing for your local paper, please send an email to me.