Around Town – May 28, 2020

Photo by Mark Cole

Students from Charlotte helped raise a total of $140,813.89 for the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital by participating in RALLYTHON, an annual, year-long student-led fundraiser that culminates in a 12-hour dance marathon, which occurred February 22 this year. Through its six years in existence, RALLYTHON has raised over $500,000 for the Children’s Hospital. This year three Charlotte students participated: Alexander D’Amico, Allison Feeney and Ethan Leonard. All of them were recognized for reaching the “Dancer Goal” of raising between $100 and $249.

The following students from Charlotte had their work published recently in the Burlington Free Press’s Young Writers Project:

In her poem titled “All my poems are written at midnight,” Margaret Eagan says that when she goes through a day of work and things get quiet, “all that’s left is wonder for the words coming down, so softly spun.” And each poem makes its appearance “as the stars twinkle.”

In the May 22 Young Writers Project, the work of three Charlotters was shown. Lily Keech’s poem “Children” talks about the details of growing up, foibles as well as “Laughing eyes, thoughtful gazes showing consideration for every little thing.” All these things provide our only hope for redemption. In her poem “Seeds,” Ava Rourbaugh describes what happens to seeds she plants, their adaptation to the environment, what happened if she never turned off the sun, how she spent her time “trying to find the perfect medium, slaving for fussy green sprouts.” The Photo of the Week was by Quinn Sunderland, a color shot showing a hand under water.