The Charlotte News

Jan. 8    Scott Hardy to David and Heather Main, 5.0 acres, 801 Mt. Philo Road, $140,000.

Jan. 13  David G. Schermerhorn, trustee. David G. Schermerhorn Revocable Trust, to Salvatore Trovetto and Lise Bruder, 3.25 acres, e/s Church Hill Road, Lot #3, $140,000.

Jan. 13  David and Robin Oates to Leland and Cheryl Brown, 1.12 acres with dwelling, 5807 Mt. Philo Road, $100,000.

Jan. 21 David Wilson and Elizabeth Bunsen to William Smith, 1.65 acres with dwelling, 23 Wishbone Lane, $200,000.

Jan. 21 Charlotte Oaks LLC to Andrew G. Zehner 2019 Revocable Trust and Suzanne L. Whitty 2019 Revocable Trust, 1.14 acres with dwelling, 209 Hills Point Road, $1,165,000.

Jan. 23  Joshua Rose to Silvia Doyle, 5.3 acres with dwelling, 343 White Birch Lane, $750,000.

Jan. 29  Melvin I. and Ynez L. Kaplan to William Brown and Megan Browning, 5.0 acres, lot #2, Morningside Drive, $85,000.

Feb. 3    William Frank and Christine Koster to Edward and Anne Dixson, 3.52 acres with dwelling, 269 Thorp Cove Road, $1,550,000.

Feb. 8    Brady and Karla Toensing to David R. Rothenbucher and Carla Hunter, 0.95 acres with dwelling, 2613 Greenbush Road, $755,000.

Feb. 12 Doug Todd and Annie Rosenthal to J.D. and Damaris Herlihy, 0.11 acre with dwelling, 22 Common Way, $325,000.

Feb. 19  John W. Hatch and Barbara A. Garrison, trustees of Hatch Family Revocable Trust, to Frank McIntire and Adela Nunez, 5.5 acres with dwelling, 5059 Spear Street, $260,000.

Feb. 20  Robert E. Booth to Allen C. Moore Jr and Marion P. Moore, trustees, and Claudia C. Moore, trustee, seasonal cottages (16%), 2557 Thompson’s Point Road, $100,000.

Feb. 20  Richard and Jill Lowry to Jeffrey and Malia Stout, 2.43 acres with dwelling, 335 Upper Meadow Lane, $830,000.

Mar. 4   W. McHenry and Virginia Keyser to Joseph and Emily Rosenberg and Jonathan Rosenberg, 5.10 acres with dwelling, 1700 Greenbush Road, $842,500.

Apr. 1    John and Michelle Jordan to Joseph M. and Melissa Caligiuri, 3.26 acres with dwelling, 347 Popple Dungeon Road, $1, 239,000

Apr. 2    Rowan Beck to David G. and Diana T. Nelson, 2.61 acres, 48 James Farm Road, lot #4, $270,000.

Apr. 8    Thomas Gardner and Catherine McEachern to Benjamin Miller and Nicholas Bonenfant, 3.6 acres with dwelling, 81 Coyote Lane, $470,000.

Apr. 8    Donna W. Pittman Trust to 2019 Mitchell B. Shifrin Revocable Trust, 19.90 acres with dwelling, 4035 Mt. Philo Road, $510,000.

Apr. 13  Hilary Maslow (Naud) to James Donovan and Patricia O’Donnell, 124.33 acres, 125 Lake Road, $900,000.