Ava Borquist, Eloise Glasscoe, Amelie Fairweather

Reporter Eloise Glasscoe with her mother, Jessica. Courtesy photo.

Reporter Eloise Glasscoe with her mother, Jessica. Courtesy photo.

The Junior Reporters are still working hard, and this week decided to pay tribute to their moms, with whom they’ve been spending an extra amount of time over the past seven weeks.

Any reporters, fourth grade through senior in high school, who would like to write for The Charlotte News, are welcome. Email Chea Waters  to join us.

My mom: workin’ hard
By Ava Borquist

My name is Ava, one of the Junior Reporter Club members. My parents work really hard to keep us safe and healthy, and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. My mom and dad both have very important jobs, but because it is Mother’s Day, I will focus on my mom for now.

My mom is the budget director for the University of Vermont. Working from home doing this job, especially in a time like this, can be hard to handle with all of the changes we have to live with until the pandemic is over. After my mom is done working at her job for the day, she helps my dad cook dinner and clean up the house.

At night we all go downstairs to watch a family movie after her very long and hard day. When it’s time to go to sleep, she puts us to bed. I sit reading for a while, and I can hear her laughing downstairs at a show she is watching. It makes me feel better knowing I’m not alone. Our family will get through this as a team, and so to all the moms out there (and everyone else), stay safe and happy!

Eloise Glasscoe

Hello, my name is Eloise Glasscoe, of the Junior Reporters Club. I want to use my paragraph to acknowledge mothers everywhere, as Mother’s Day is popping up in front of us. Moms are part of our everyday life, and they work hard to be supportive, to keep us safe, and to keep us healthy. We only get one dedicated day a year to celebrate it, so make it meaningful. Show your mom how much you care! For example, (don’t read this yet, Mama!) I’m making breakfast in bed and giving her an at-home spa day. Maybe you could take a bike ride with your mom or come up with something creative. Thank you, moms! Don’t think twice if you think you’re going over the top. Nothing is over the top when it comes to Mother’s Day. Take advantage of the quarantine and think of the most powerful way to show how much you appreciate your mom. A letter, a card, a poster, or a giant sculpture, just make sure it screams: I LOVE YOU, MOM! I hope everyone realizes just how much moms do for us.

Becoming Mom
Amelie Fairweather

Sometimes I don’t think we realize how grateful we are for moms until you put yourself in that position. Yesterday, I attempted to “become my mom,” and my first chore was cleaning the kitchen. Honestly, I was exhausted after only five minutes. And that was only the beginning. I tried watching my sisters, and I did admittedly have fun ordering them around (even though there was a one percent chance that they would listen).

Moms do so much work and put so much love into it that they really should be appreciated. Thank you! Today I’m going to try and be there for my mom as much as I can, and you should do it. Moms are so important. They work hard to keep us happy, healthy and clean. All of those are hard, especially the last one. Give your mom a big hug right now! Why? Because they deserve it. My point is, appreciate moms on Mother’s Day!