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The Charlotte News, Charlotte, Vermont“Local news outlets are shrinking or closing when the public needs them the most.”  The Atlantic

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At a time when 2,000 U.S. newspapers have either laid off staff—including just in recent days Seven Days and VTDigger—or closed shop altogether, The Charlotte News is also struggling. As COVID-19 wreaks havoc on the local businesses that have helped sustain the paper for decades—and for which we are immensely grateful—we anticipate that our advertising revenue, which makes up about two-thirds of our income, will take a hard hit over the next weeks and months. While we have enough reserves to get us through the next several issues, we also need your help right now.

We believe you wouldn’t hesitate to pay for a copy of The Charlotte News. So, we hope you’d be willing to voluntarily drop a few dollars into the hat we are passing today. We know times are tough and the future uncertain; we also believe that’s even more reason to support local news. As a nonprofit newspaper, we regularly rely on voluntary contributions, in much the same way VPR does when it’s doing an on-air fundraiser. Consider this our spring fund drive.

Please ask yourself what coverage of our community is worth to you right now. A dollar or two per issue? Maybe you’re able to pay more, and that would be great. If everybody pitched in even a little bit, The Charlotte News will be better able to bring you the most up-to-the-minute, hyper-local news coverage you rely on right now.

Who else is going to cover Charlotte if not us?

As the board of directors, we are leading the way and digging deeper to pitch in ourselves, because we believe in the power of The Charlotte News to build and sustain a vibrant sense of community for all Charlotters. We hope you will help.

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