Greenhouse gas is a problem

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Greenhouse gas is a big problem. It causes fires, flooding and the species extinction. Everybody must take part in stopping greenhouse gas. Every single person in this world must take part. The world takes care of us. Now it is our turn to take care of the world. This is our chance. Planes, cars, trains, ferries, and mining. What we could do in Charlotte to stop greenhouse gas?
How do you plan to stop greenhouse gases?

Advice from a fifth grader
Flossy Eagan, 10, says if you forget your music instrument instead of driving back and getting it, think, ‘Do I really need this?’ Flossy says, “I will donate to the humane society to help animals that are hurt from greenhouse gases and do whatever I can to help stop creating greenhouse gases. Instead of going somewhere in a car, we could go on a bike or you could run.”

Greenhouse gases are still here to haunt us today so don’t just stand by. We must do our part to stop greenhouse gases so put down your phones and computers and let’s stop greenhouse gas hand in hand together.

Marianna Fairweather is a Junior Reporter for The Charlotte News