Climate Solutions Forum coming to Charlotte-Shelburne-Hinesburg

Senator Chris Pearson and Representatives Mike Yantachka, Jessica Brumsted and Kate Webb invite you to a forum at the Charlotte Senior Center on Monday, December 16, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m., to discuss how Vermont can act on climate change in the coming legislative session. They invite you to join them to learn more about important climate policies like the Global Warming Solutions Act and a 100 percent renewable energy standard and to find out what you can do during the coming legislative session to help get meaningful climate legislation passed.

The Vermont Climate Solutions Caucus consists of more than 60 members of the Vermont General Assembly from both the House and the Senate who are committed to creating state policies that will take meaningful steps to address the climate change crisis. Members have been working together this summer with businesses, environmental groups, government agencies and other stakeholders to come up with concrete ideas on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while growing Vermont’s economy and helping Vermonters save money. A series of climate policy discussions are being held all over the state to bring more Vermonters into the conversation about what steps the state should take to best address the climate crisis.
The forum is co-sponsored by the Charlotte Energy Committee.

For more information contact Rep. Mike Yantachka ay (802) 233-5238, or Rep. Jessica Brumsted (802) 233-2120.