Ada Glasscoe and Marianna Fairweather

This is the third in a series of stories researched and written by the Junior Reporters Club at The Charlotte News.  Any students, grades 3 through 8, are welcome to join us in the newsroom on Tuesdays after school. 

By Jessica Ruscello

S’mores are a delicious snack that almost everyone loves. They’re so creamy and chocolatey, and everyone wants to have them. S’mores are a gooey sensation that are made out of chocolate, graham crackers, and roasted marshmallow.

We interviewed King Milme. Ada Glasscoe asks, “Do you like burnt s’mores, warm s’mores, or golden brown s’mores?” King says warm. Ada asks, “If you could invent a s’more what would it be?” King says dark chocolate with raspberry and coffee. He used to work at the hospital, but now he works at CVU. He is 75 years young. We interviewed Emma Slater, from the Old Brick Store. She is 23 years young and was born in Algeria.

She says she likes golden brown s’mores, my personal favorite. She thinks hardest part of making s’mores is trying not to burn them. Marianna Fairweather asked, “Do you have s’mores in Algeria?” Emma says, “No, but we have a lot of cookies.”  Ada asks, “What was your original job in Algeria?” “A teacher,” she replies. “Why did you want to teach?” asks Ada. She replies, “When I was in college I studied Arabic. I wanted to teach that language.”

Stepping into the conversation, Jack Fairweather (Marianna’s Father) asks, “When are you going back to Algeria?”

“Two weeks,” she says. Ada asks, “If you could invent a s’more, what would it be?” Emma said, peanut butter and chocolate. How do you like your s’more?