Students head to the State House to talk about space

Charlie Taylor and Estelle Emmons
Charlie Taylor and Estelle Emmons. Photos by Katie Taylor.

Charlie Taylor and Estelle Emmons took time out of their school day to travel to Montpelier and visit the State House. The eighth graders spoke in front of a senate finance committee about funding for RETN in local schools.

Charlotte Representative Mike Yantachka, Charlotte Central School students Charlie Taylor and Estelle Emmons, CCS Digital Learning Leader and PBL Coach Allan Miller, and Senate Majority Leader Becca Balint convened at the Vermont State House on Oct. 21.

The eighth-grade students testified in front of a finance committee to share their experiences from their sixth-grade year, when they worked on a project funded through Regional Educational Television Network that allowed the students to communicate directly via video chat with astronauts on board the International Space Station. The students spoke about the educational value of projects such as this and expressed support for continuing to fund these types of activities.

Mike Yantachka, Charlie Taylor, Estelle Emmons, Allan Miller, and Becca Balint
Photo by Mike Yantachka