Vandalism at Charlotte Beach again

Almost two years after the last incident of vandalism at the Charlotte Town Beach, property was destroyed again. Bill Fraser-Harris, chair of the Recreation Commission, posted on Front Porch Forum on Aug. 5 that “we had major vandalism at the upper ball field parking area. Both gateposts were chain sawed off, chain and lock stolen. WHY?”

The vandalism was reported to the Vermont State Police, and Fraser-Harris said the police are investigating the matter. Dale Knowles, who does the town’s mowing, discovered the damage when he went to mow the ball field on Lake Road.

The gate will be replaced, and Fraser-Harris said that security is now on the Recreation Commission’s agenda. He said security cameras are “to be discussed at [the] next rec. meeting, Tuesday, Aug. 13. We have had security cameras at the bathhouse before and given the value of the new playground we will certainly be aiming to protect it.”

Anyone with information about the incident can contact state police or the Recreation Commission.