Little Garden Market is closed

Little Garden Market.

The friendly signs advertising sandwiches for the ferry and pulled BBQ pork are coming down. The Little Garden Market on Ferry Road, one of Charlotte’s few retail outlets, has been dark since early May, its doors locked shut. According to owner Rick Benson, “Suffice to say that the store is permanently closed.” After 11 years in business, Benson said his right-hand-man and longtime manager of the market, Rik Carlson, has been on leave for health reasons and is virtually irreplaceable. “Sadly, we can find no competent help, and I can’t spare anyone from our very busy Ferrisburgh shop to run the LGM,” Benson said.

He also owns Gilfeather’s Fine Provisions on Route 7 in Ferrisburgh, a shop that has premade foods, fresh sandwiches, local produce and many other specialty grocery items. Benson said, “Charlotte folks have been very kind and supportive from the start of the LGM, and they continue that support at our new location.”

The property on Ferry Road is owned by Green Street Properties, which is based in Burlington.