Charlotte Fire and Rescue

Fritz Tegatz, Chris Davis, Rob Mullin, Dick St. George, John Davis, Zack Trono, Trevor Denton and Devin St. George. Photo by Jennifer Bora.

At the Jan 9 members meeting, the following members received promotions:

Devin St. George – Battalion Chief Suppression and Technical Rescue C-3

Zack Trono – Lieutenant K-2

Zack Trono, Devin St. George and Trevor Denton.

Trevor Denton – Lieutenant K-3

Jon Davis – Captain K-1

Fritz Tegatz – Engineer K-66

Rob Mullin – AEMT Deputy Chief and Rescue Head of Service C-2

Chris Davis – Battalion Chief – Emergency Management C-4

Mike Gorden – Battalion Chief Rescue C-5

Dick St. George – Fire & Rescue Chief C-1