Selectboard chips away at array of issues

The Town of Charlotte, VT

Performance reviews scheduled
The Charlotte Selectboard set a date during its Nov. 13 meeting to hold employee performance reviews for four town workers beginning Dec. 4 at 5:00 p.m. The town employees slated for performance review are Town Administrator Dean Bloch, Zoning Administrator and Sewage Control Officer Aaron Brown, Town Planner Daryl Benoit and Recreation Director Nicole Conley.

According to Selectboard Chairman Lane Morrison, the board spends about 20 minutes with each employee during the review period. Planning Commission Acting Chairman Peter Joslin is expected to attend Brown’s and Benoit’s meetings.

Town Hall and Senior Center generator bids
The Selectboard started its meeting by opening three bids to install new generators for the Town Hall and the Senior Center.

The first bid came from Peck Electric Company. The South Burlington business sent in a $28,660 bid, which included labor costs, to install two 20-kilowatt generators.

The second bid, from Reliant Electric Works in South Burlington, was for $27,187 and included a five-year warranty, according to Selectboard Chairman Lane Morrison. Morrison noted that the generators’ kilowatts weren’t mentioned in the bid.

Brookfield Service, a Northfield business, submitted a third bid for $54,100 for two 38-kW generators.

The board will make a decision on the awarding of the contract during the Nov. 26 Selectboard meeting.

Hinesburg Road and Mt. Philo Road crosswalk
An engineer from the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission discussed the proposed crosswalk at the intersection of Hinesburg Road and Mount Philo Road. Last month, CCS administrator Jen Roth and four students attended the Oct. 22 Selectboard meeting, requesting the crosswalk to make it safer for CCS students to cross the street to Philo Ridge Farm, a popular after-school destination. The request stemmed from concerns about traffic congestion during dismissal. Town Administrator Bloch told board members the CCRPC engineer will likely make a recommendation concerning the safe pedestrian crossing by the end of November.

Senior Center parking and proposed road project
The need to create additional parking at the Charlotte Senior Center also came up for discussion. Ben Mason offered to transfer about one acre of land that sits between the Charlotte Fire & Rescue building and the Charlotte Children’s Center to the town at no cost. But Mason asked that Charlotte build about a 500-foot roadway earmarked for a proposed building lot that is under consideration for the site of the Charlotte Family Health Center. An early building estimate puts the cost of the proposed road project at about $50,000. The cost to build a parking area would be an added expense. Bloch noted that constructing both the road and the parking lot at the same time would be the most cost-effective.