One final year at CCS

It’s back to school season once again! And this week I’ve been thinking about the past 10 years I’ve spent at Charlotte Central School (CCS). All the way back in 2008 I walked down the hallways of the CCS basement to begin my school career. I remember being so nervous as a little three-year-old starting preschool for the first time, but all the memories I have from that time in my life are good ones. I made friends who are still my closest and most wonderful friends; the teachers were so nice and loving. I remember all the different games we would play at the start of the day. I was always so excited to be Star of the Day, which meant that I got to bring in a snack and be the line leader all day long. This was pretty much the most fun I could have had as a three year old!

I still can’t believe that I’m an eighth grader now. I’ve made it from the bottom of the building all the way to the top, and it only took me 10 years! In less than a year I will be graduating and my CCS career will come to an end. It’s hard for me to think about this now as I remember all the wonderful people I have met along the way. The teachers who have been so kind and welcoming, and the kids of all ages. 

Some of my great memories of my time at CCS were these: 

Winning the Casella Art Award when I was in third grade. I submitted a drawing that had to do with recycling, and it was chosen to be in the Casella calendar for 2015. It was a complete shock when my name was announced at the Earth Day celebration that year. 

I remember when we went to the Biodome in Montreal in fourth grade. It was so cool to see all of those amazing animals, like penguins, which I would never have seen otherwise. 

I loved the aquarium we used to have in the entranceway at CCS. I was sad to see that go, but I know that things change over time. 

One of my favorite things about our school is the Carnation Ceremony that takes place twice a year: in the fall when the eighth grade students give a carnation to each new kindergartener, and then in the spring when the kindergarteners say good-bye to the eighth graders by giving them a carnation. It’s the sweetest, most heartwarming thing. 

I’m not quite ready to get my carnation yet. I’m looking forward to all this new year brings and being with my friends and this school community for the next 10 months.

And I wish everyone a great and successful school year.