Young Charlotters – Sabrina Davis

Sabrina Davis is passionate about her college experience. She is a rising junior at Adelphi University in Nassau County, New York, where she is a history major with a concentration in American history.

Sabrina lived in Shelburne before moving to Charlotte; she attended Champlain Valley Union (CVU) High School. Sabrina’s decision to become a history major was based on her experiences at CVU. “The teachers that taught history made the content interesting and approachable,” she says. Sabrina had always enjoyed literature and the humanities in school, but ultimately she settled on a history major in college. 

Sabrina’s favorite classes are her honors classes, which focus on the humanities with an emphasis on cultural exposure and experience. Each semester the honors college students attend three cultural events. In April, Sabrina went to see the play Angels in America, parts one and two, on Broadway. “It was priceless and relevant to current issues,” she said.

Sabrina is involved in the Scholar Teacher Education Program at Adelphi. This is a dual degree program that enables students to obtain an undergraduate degree with a primary major and to minor in education. The students take education classes throughout their four years, then complete one year of graduate school. After this, the student will graduate with a master’s in education and be licensed to teach in New York. Sabrina plans to become a high school history teacher. 

Sabrina recently joined the history honor society, Phi Alpha Theta. For the induction ceremony, there was a faculty and department dinner. “I had dinner with the history professors as well as my fellow history majors, and it really fostered a wonderful community. I probably had some of the most engaging social conversations I’ve ever had at that dinner.” 

This summer Sabrina is working with Benjamin Recchia at the summer musical camps at CVU. This is their second annual show. Last year’s show was The Lion King, and this year the group will be performing The Little Mermaid. The shows are on August 10, 11 and 12th. Benjamin is the director and Sabrina is the assistant music director, working closely with Carl Recchia. Her work includes preparing the orchestra books and being a camp counselor. Sabrina will also be a member of the orchestra, playing clarinet and saxophone, with her dad, Jeffrey Davis, who will be in the orchestra playing clarinet.