Food for thought at the Senior Center

Chef Arnd Sievers

The Charlotte Senior Center is happy to be collaborating again with one of our local chefs on an upcoming Monday Munch.

In April, Chef Roland from the Old Lantern generously donated his time and culinary expertise to provide a delicious meal for one of our Monday lunches. It was enjoyed by all who were lucky enough to participate.

We are happy to announce that Executive Chef Arnd Sievers from the Residence at Shelburne Bay will be with us on Monday, July 30, to prepare lunch. Chef Arnd has an extensive culinary background, ranging from executive chef to food and beverage director at Trapp Family Lodge, The Essex Resort and innumerable German kitchens. He enjoys the distinction of being one of 200 European Certified Master Chefs in the world. Chef Sievers began working at the Residence at Shelburne Bay in October of 2017. He has transitioned the dining experience to be available from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., offering great flexibility to the residents.

We are very pleased that he will be sharing his time and talents with us at the Senior Center.

We look forward to featuring more of our local chefs at future Monday lunches.