Tegatz expresses his love for the community and beauty of Charlotte

Fritz Tegatz

“I like being a Selectboard member because I feel like I’m contributing to my community,” Fritz Tegatz said about his service on the Charlotte Selectboard. Tegatz has been elected to the Selectboard twice, in 2014 and in 2017.

During his tenure on the board, Tegatz has taken on the role of board liaison to both Charlotte Fire & Rescue and the Charlotte Library, as well as the manager of the town’s properties. In the latter role, Tegatz oversaw work on several projects, including the addition of the new entryway at the Senior Center, the installation of new decking on the Charlotte Beach dock, the repair of the Spear Street bridge and the replacement of the roof of the Charlotte Library. He also helped the other Selectboard members choose the contractor for the reconstruction of the Carpenter Road bridge. 

In his free time, Tegatz enjoys skiing, biking, boating and other outdoor activities. He loves Charlotte, among other reasons, because of its easy access to Lake Champlain, as well as to Mt. Mansfield, Camel’s Hump and Lincoln Peak, all of which he sees every day from his home. 

Tegatz grew up in Ohio and went to school in Indiana, and then lived in Los Angeles for 35 years. There, he and his wife had a horse boarding training business as well as a venue on the ranch for corporate events and weddings. When they left LA, they decided to move to Charlotte because of its rural character. He said, “I feel like I’m out in the country, but close to the city.” 

Fritz and his wife, Betsy, who is a lister for the Town of Charlotte, have two children, Richard, 21, and Charlie, 19.  Fritz has enjoyed being a member for two three-year terms, but may not run again. With his two children both attending college, life has become a little crazy. So running for a third term, he says, is “up in the air.”