Meet Cherie Schrader – Charlotte Rescue Advanced EMT

Cherie Schrader

Cherie was born in Harper Woods, Michigan, a city of about 14,000 residents located about 15 miles from Detroit. Her father worked as a tool and die maker. Her mom, who had a professional background as a draftsman for Bausch & Lomb, chose to stay at home to raise Cherie and her two brothers. Cherie’s fondest memories of growing up are about being on the water with her family on Lake Saint Claire. Her parents actually built one of their boats using an old steel hull and crafting the rest of the boat themselves. She spent a good deal of summer time on the Great Lakes of Michigan.

At the end of her freshman year in high school, the family moved to Pompano Beach, Florida. Directly out of high school, Cherie simultaneously went to work at Sears and to Broward County College. She received an associate degree in psychology and pursued further studies in environmental biology.

Remarkably, at age 19, Cherie took a trip with her best friend for six weeks touring Europe. She quickly learned how to drive a standard transmission while renting a Renault 4 in the heart of Paris. They stayed in youth hostels throughout France, Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Germany. This trip was life changing and created an endless love and fascination with travel and experiencing other cultures. It also began her passion for inspiring others to see the world as well.

Cherie returned to the U.S. and began work on her B.S. degree at Florida International University in Travel Tourism Management. While there she also managed to play varsity softball and took up fencing.

During her university studies, Cherie spent a summer backpacking in Europe with some new adventures including a trip to the Artic circle in Norway. After graduation she returned to Germany for two years where she worked in Bavaria for Steingenberger Hotels and as an au pair for a family in Berlin. She lived within walking distance to the Berlin Wall that surrounded West Berlin from communist East Germany at the time.

Cherie returned to Florida and married a gentleman who shared her passion to explore new places—they both enjoyed motorcycles and took several cross-country trips.

During the era of the newly formed Equal Rights Opportunity Commission, Cherie was employed as one of the first female installation repair technicians for Southern Bell Telephone.

Florida began to be unappealing, so Cherie and her husband started to explore other places to live. They found a home in Sutton, New Hampshire, and settled in. She worked at two local firms as an inventory control manager.

In 1989 she moved to Burlington and returned to her passion in the travel industry. She ultimately ran a travel agency in South Burlington and during that time developed a huge following of clients due to her enthusiasm for travel, especially in eco/adventure travel. When 9/11 happened, the travel industry changed drastically overnight and this closed a huge chapter in her life.

Not long after, Cherie saw an advertisement in the Shelburne News for an ambulance driver position. She began volunteering there, and 15 years later she still remains an active member with Shelburne Rescue.

Cherie joined Charlotte Rescue in 2011. If you come in on the weekends you are apt to see her there. She comes in the door smiling and brings a great attitude every day! Cherie has pursued and attained both EMT and AEMT credentials and does a great job for her patients. She is an important part of our organization.

Favorite Meal: Shelburne Meat Market house marinated steak tips and ravioli!

Last Concert: Dan Foggerty

Favorite Spot so far: The Galapagos Islands

Favorite Season: Spring—new adventures await.

Most Proud of: Inspiring people to travel and see the world whenever possible and to visit new destinations while exploring the different cultures, languages and foods.