Running, cycling and brush hogging on the agenda as Selectboard moves into spring

The Town of Charlotte, VT

With all five Selectboard members back, the March 26 Town Hall meeting was a productive one. No adjustments were made to the evening’s agenda, and Selectboard member Fritz Tegatz began by giving updates on the status of the wastewater ordinance draft as well as the production status of a new fire engine for the Charlotte Fire Department. The new engine is expected to arrive in Charlotte within the next two to three months, and the wastewater draft should be completed by June.

The Selectboard took a moment to revisit and approve minutes from the four previous meetings. 

Rayne Herzog of Race Vermont then spoke to Selectboard members seeking application approval for a 5K, 10K and half marathon that would take place on September 8 in Charlotte. The races would primarily run along Orchard and Lake roads, finishing in Shelburne. Herzog discussed plans for runner safety and waste disposal. The board ultimately approved the event. 

Kelly Brush also spoke to the Selectboard seeking application approval for the Kelly Brush Ride on September 8. The Kelly Brush Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to helping those with spinal cord injuries maintain an active lifestyle. Cyclists attending this event will be traveling along Mt. Philo Road, Hinesburg Road, Spear Street, Lake Road and Greenbush Road. The Selectboard approved the proposal, meaning this September will mark 13 years for the Kelly Brush Ride in Charlotte. The board also approved Andrea S. Harvey’s request for Highway Access Permit for her property at 600 Guinea Road.

Lawn mowing and brush hogging bids reviewed by the Selectboard are now awaiting a decision pending further discussion. The Selectboard received three lawn mowing bids, although one was submitted past deadline and will not be considered unless deemed more suitable than the other offers. Only one bid, at $2,595, was submitted to the town for brush hogging. The highest bid the Selectboard received for lawn mowing came in at $39,940, the lowest at $9,950.

The Selectboard also reappointed several committee members. Mary Van Vleck was reappointed to the Conservation Commission for a four-year term ending in April of 2022. Peter Joslin was reappointed to the West Charlotte Wastewater Advisory Committee for a two-year term ending April 2020. Robin Pierce was reappointed to the Thompson’s Point Design Review Committee for a three-year term ending April 2021. Chris Davis was also reappointed Charlotte emergency management director for a one-year term ending April 2019.

Charlotte resident Andrew Milliken was the only new appointment at the meeting. Milliken will be filling one of the two empty spaces on the Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge Oversight Committee. Milliken has worked with Vermont Fish and Wildlife for 25 years and is excited to bring his experience to the park. 

The Selectboard closed out the night by approving an application for a five-year renewal of the indirect discharge permit for the Thompson’s Point wastewater disposal system. Lengthy discussion involving the separate question of the Thompson’s Point wastewater disposal system ordinance and its draft amendments prompted the Selectboard to move discussion of the ordinance to the April 9 meeting.