R.L. Vallee withdraws application for a Maplefields Store off Route 7

Proposed site at Route 7 and Church Hill and Ferry Roads. File Photo.

Engineers for the proposed Maplefields off Route 7, Ferry and Church Hill Roads wrote to Zoning Board Chair, Frank Tenney, saying that due to comments by the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) concerning cross-traffic turns into and out of the proposed location, they and R.L. Vallee, Inc. are withdrawing their proposal for a Maplefields Store on property owned by the Spear family at this major intersection in Charlotte.

The proposal called for lanes to allow southbound traffic to turn into the store’s lot and to turn left as it leaves. VTrans, instead said only right turns would be allowed. Vallee and its engineers found this unacceptable and feared people would try to turn south coming out of the property despite signs to the contrary. VTrans approval of a site for a left turn by southbound traffic would require moving the existing entrance further south of where it now stands and filling in existing wetlands, a move that Vallee feels would disturb the wetlands and is something they don’t wish to do, particularly in light of the concern expressed by a number of Charlotte residents.