Charlotte ranks highest in average home price in Chittenden County

Have you been curious about the prices of Charlotte homes compared to the rest of Chittenden County? Which towns have been selling the highest priced homes or have the quickest sales? Here’s a quick breakdown of local sales of single family homes.

Charlotte has had 79 homes listed since the first of the year. There have been 1,526 listed in all of Chittenden County, meaning Charlotte makes up just over 5 percent of the listings. Topping the list is Essex with 223 listings; South Burlington is second with 218. Together Essex and South Burlington account for almost a third of all listings.

But how many of these houses have sold or are under contract? In Charlotte out of those 79 homes listed, 31 have sold or are currently under contract. These 31 homes spent an average of 77 days on the market; Essex homes averaged 37 days, and South Burlington 29. Bolton and Winooski homes sold fastest, averaging only 20 days on the market. In Chittenden County as a whole, homes averaged 35 days on the market, compared with Addison County at 58 days and Franklin County at 53.

A quick sale isn’t the only thing sellers are looking for, however; selling price is usually more important. Charlotte has the highest average sale price in Chittenden County, $588,495, followed by Shelburne at $549,873 and Williston at $406,572. Countywide, the average sale price is $363,763, with Winooski at $246,214 and Bolton at $273,287. So in Charlotte you might have to wait almost twice as long to sell your house, compared with the rest of the county, but the sale price will on average be more than $200,000 higher. And then there’s this factoid: Of the top five highest priced houses that have recently sold in the county, three of them were in Charlotte.

So enjoy the holiday season, because listing season will be here before you know it. Hope this helps you plan for the future, regardless of whether you’re looking to buy or sell.