From UVM to Nepal and back

Med school hopeful Mike Kelleher volunteers as an advanced emergency medical technician in his spare time with CVFRS

With the change of new folks who work at Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services and many consistent per diems doing shifts, we would like to introduce rescue and fire personnel. This week, please meet Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Mike Kelleher.

Mike was born in Port Jefferson, Long Island, in 1993, during the height of Aerosmith, Garth Brooks and Windows 3.1. He is one of four boys. His father owns a construction firm and his mother teaches English. During high school at Miller Place, New York, a school of just about 900 students, Mike played football, basketball and especially baseball. He is one of those rare individuals who is not only an athlete but is also musical. Mike took up the guitar when he was 13 years old. He became interested in blues rock at an early age. During his high school summers he held jobs but also played travel baseball.

Mike majored in biology and minored in English at the UVM. During his college summers, he worked on UVM’s rescue squad. During college he became interested in public health and research, and this prompted him to sign up for a trip to Nepal. During that trip his responsibility was teaching first aid and general nutrition.

He is now in a bio-medical master’s program at UVM. The purpose of this is to better prepare for med school. Mike’s parents will likely stay in New York, and while he is open to living elsewhere, he would like to have a future in Vermont.

Favorite food: Whatever the specialty of the house is.
Favorite musician: Blues guitar, blues rock—John Mayer, for example.
Last concert: John Mayer in Montreal.
Next concert: Mandolin Orange at Higher Ground.
Favorite Spot: Montauk Long Island and especially Montauk surf in the late fall with a wet suit.
Favorite season: Fall. Great hiking in Vermont and great Montauk waves but no winter wetsuit.
Favorite trip: Surfing in Nicaragua.
What if he won the lottery: New Subaru, pay off student loans for self and brother, and invest the balance.
Favorite movie: Forrest Gump.
Favorite Author: Paul Farmer from Partners in Health in Boston.