The Charlotte News

Mary Mead works with the Charlotte Selectboard on new Thompson’s Point lease paperwork at the Oct. 23 meeting. Photo by Lynn Monty.

The State of Vermont has denied funding through its 2017 Bicycle and Pedestrian Program for Charlotte’s State Park Road shared-use path.

State Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Manager Jon Kaplan wrote, “This was an extremely competitive funding round with 36 applications statewide totaling more than $9 million in federal and state funds.”

In a separate document, Kaplan offered feedback on the application. He said while the town has done a good job of working toward an overall trail network, the application did not highlight a strong case for the transportation aspect of this trail.

Among other things listed he wrote, “While this is a good project, it does not seem to improve connectivity to other modes of transportation, defined improvements to safety, have a positive impact on low-income families, or even connect other complete trail networks to one another.”

In other Selectboard news, with Activities Director Mary Recchia leaving her post at the Senior Center, the Selectboard approved a new position of Senior Center Director, with a somewhat changed job description, as well as an increase in hours worked to 30 to 35 from the current 28 to 30 and the addition of health benefits, both of which will affect next year’s Senior Center budget. The new position will be scored via the Palmer & Associates Job Evaluation Manual for purposes of determining the new director’s salary.

Charles Russell attended the Oct. 23 Selectboard meeting to interview for the Town Meeting moderator position since Ed Stone resigned. There were no other candidates. The Selectboard approved his appointment.

Krista Hoffsis effectively pled the case to renew the $2,700 for Lewis Creek Association water quality monitoring and invasives control. It’s part of the Water Quality Stewardship Program contract for the Conservation Commission’s FY 18 budget. This is the third year that the town has contracted with Lewis Creek Association for these services.

The Joyce family terminated its Thompson’s Point lease after 35 years, and a new 20-year lease to FR-IV Properties, LLC was approved for lots 174 and 175 at 730 and 736 North Shore Road. These two lots, each with its own camp, are included in one lease. The lots cannot be split.

CVFRS Emergency Management Director Chris Davis presented the board with some ideas on how to promote the emergency planning issues afoot with all of the recent natural disasters. Training sessions are to be conducted to educate the board about what actions need to be taken in the event of an ice storm, flood or other disaster. Town Administrator Dean Bloch said it’s a “good time to take stock of how we would cope with such situations. Although we may be insulated from the violent storms that occurred in the south, there have been incidents in Vermont over the past decade that caused communities to lose power for a period approaching two weeks. The loss of power can lead to the loss of water (i.e. well pumps) and communications (i.e. cell phones and probably land lines).” Davis is helping the town to reduce vulnerabilities under such circumstances.