Trails Talk: Part 3

Aerial view. Courtesy photo.

Welcome to Trails Talk, Part 3. In this column we will finish answering the questions posed on the Orchard Road Computers website. The first 10 questions were answered in the September 6 and 20, 2017, editions of The Charlotte News. Trails Talk will continue but will take a new path with other informational articles in the future.

Q: Which properties have you not received easements from? Which are in Phase 1, 2 and 3? If the home owner who gave approval sells their house, can the new homeowner decline access in the future?

A: For Phase 1 of the Town Link Trail along State Park Road, we have all the easements necessary to build the trail. Once an easement is given to the town on a particular piece of property, the easement goes with the property for future owners as well. For Phases 2 and 3 the actual trail placement from Co-housing to West Charlotte Village has not been determined, and currently no funds are available for these phases. Once the location of the trail is determined, the town will seek easements if the trail goes across private property, and the town will apply for grant funds to finance the construction.

Q: Have you determined how many nonresidents will use this path? Have you determined how many nonresidents will use our town beach? Will nonresidents be charged to either use our paths or our town beach?

A: Unless a trail is within a state or national park that requires entrance fees, trails in Vermont are open to all with no fee. There is, however, a fee for nonresidents and residents (beach sticker) at our beach.

Q: Will dogs be permitted on this path?

A: Dogs, on leash, will be permitted on this path. There are currently signs, and new signs are being added, at all parking areas and side trail entrances, reminding users that dogs must be leashed.

Q: Who will be responsible for picking up any trash left behind?

A: The Trails Committee does have maintenance work days and can clean up along the trail. Also, some people who use trails sometimes bring a bag to pick up any trash on their daily/weekly walks.

Q: How much will our taxes go up each phase?

A: For the current Phase 1, our taxes will not go up. Please see previous questions for information about phases 2 and 3.

Q: We have the Little Garden Market, the Brick Store, the new law office and USPS as businesses in West Charlotte. How many business people do you think will use the trail system to go to work?

A: There is a CCTA bus that stops at the “old Steve’s Citgo” on Route 7 weekdays to bring commuters to Burlington and Middlebury. Charlotters can use the trail to walk/ride to the library, Senior Center, post office and the other businesses as well as head to the CCTA bus to go to Burlington or Middlebury for work or enjoyment.

Thanks for all the questions! Stay tuned for more articles and trails information in Trails Talk.