Property transfers, Aug. 18 to Sept. 11

Aug. 18: Stanley and Gayle Lane to Benjamin and Anne Mason, seasonal cottage, 153 Lane’s Lane, $312,000.

Aug. 18: Douglas H. Griswold, trustee of the Lori E. Rowe Revocable Trust, to Andrew and Erin Ross, 13.72 acres with dwelling, 720 Dorset Street, $1,350,000.

Aug. 21: James J. Lynch to Susan and Daniel Jacobs, 2.80 acres with dwelling, 989 Greenbush Road, $465,000.

Aug. 30: James C. Greenway III to Jerald J. and Jennifer P. Novak, 11.97 acres with dwelling, 323 Upper Old Town Trail, $1,500,000.

Sept. 11: Thomas A. and Elizabeth F. Oliver to Mavis E. Milne and James H. Gerlaugh, 13.04 acres with dwelling, 3231 Mt. Philo Road, $469,400.