Edd’s sports report for September

Charlotte Covered Bridge races
Race Vermont hosted the Charlotte Covered Bridge 5K, 10K and Half Marathon on Saturday, Sept. 9. For race results of the 400 participants, visit the Race Vermont website. Their next race, the Shelburne Farms 5K on Oct. 14, is fast approaching and always sells out. Please call Rayne at (802) 316-7142 or send him an email with questions and comments or to volunteer.

Football over French, soccer over Spanish at BHS
Here are some of my thoughts on the Burlington teachers’ strike and its relationship to extra curricular activities – particularly sports.

Under the current regimen, if I were a teacher I would march on strike while my classroom is closed and my students get extra sleep each morning. History, science, social studies, English – they all are held in abeyance until the board gives me more money. But, wait a minute! While students can do without me, they can’t do without their sports? After all, games need to be played even though my teaching can wait, so we vote to keep fall sports on the calendar.

I find it curious that school apparently begins and ends in the classroom. Other activities are outside education, and the teachers haven’t got the gumption to call them into play as part of their strike. What does that tell me about the state of modern education? I think it tells me that games overshadow learning. I know that my graduate school dean said learning came through a constellation of activities, of which schooling was just one part. And I still remember my football blocking assignments better than I do my chemistry formulas. But, teachers, you should not be so quick to call off your classes but not your extra points. Balls fly in the goals, over the nets and between the uprights, but computers wait unattended in a closed room.

Redhawk women’s soccer remains undefeated after three games
Buoyed by a strong defense and a midfield that has kept play out of its own attack zone, the CVU women’s soccer team built on its record by coming back from Burlington with a 2-0 win over the Seahorses Friday. The game remained scoreless through the first half before the Ali Bisaccia struck the net unassisted from just beyond the box line. Charlotte Hill scored the closing goal, and goalie Maryn Askew was called upon for four saves in comparison to her Burlington counterpart’s 13.

Earlier in the week the Redhawk women had done the same thing to Colchester on CVU’s home field. Charlotte Hill again was one of the goal scorers as she broke free to get a through-ball from Jess Klein in the first half. Her effort was followed in the second half by Catherine Gilwee on a pass from Ali Bisaccia. Goal tender Maryn Askew was not called upon to make a save during the entire second half, following only three in the opening period. Coach Stan Williams complimented his team’s defensive efforts, saying they emphasized that aspect of the game from front line to back.

CVU football wins a nail biter over Essex
Overtime football games are not the usual. However, CVU and Essex went the distance and more Friday before the Redhawks won it in overtime on a halfback pass from 5 yards outside the end zone, Jack ZuWallack to Liam McCue. The touchdown followed an Essex field goal making the final score 6-3.

The week before, CVU claimed another close victory, this time at home against Rutland. The Raiders had rallied in the second half after falling behind 14-0 until Charlotte’s Andrew Tieso ran for a one-yard TD with only 29 seconds remaining in the game to give CVU a 22-14 win.

CVU golf aims at the holes in the ground
The Cedar Knoll golf course was the site of a four-school win for CVU. Led by medallist Ben Gramling’s 39, the Redhawks topped second-place Colchester by over 40 strokes. Hank Caswell, Evan Forrest and Kyle Rexford all finished the nine holes in less than 50 strokes.

Volleyball doesn’t worry about the weather
Nor did the CVU team worry about Lyndon Institute as it defeated the Vikings three matches to one for the Redhawk’s first victory of the season.