The Charlotte News

This Charlotte shoreline photo was submitted by Kathy O’Brien of Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty.

April 3 Matthew M. and Theresa M. Maynard to Josh E. May and Rachel M. Daley, 1.0 acre with dwelling, 237 Lynrick Acres, $298,000.

April 3 Linda Reynolds to Michael Haulenbeek and Vera Simon-Nobes, 4.93 acres with dwelling, 86 Tavern Road, $363,000.

April 5 Mary Van Vleck to April Thanhauser, 0.11 acre with dwelling, 17 Common Way, $410,000.

April 12 Henry S. Barnes and Kathryn S. Barnes Joint Trust to Thomas Andrew Shurman, Monique Shurman, Elias Schoen and Isabelle Shurman, 1.0 acre with dwelling, 2356 Spear Street, $269,000.

April 17 Clark W. III and Suzanne Hinsdale to Mount Philo Hops LLC, 58.89 acres, land only, 301 East Thompson’s Point Road, $245,000.

April 25 Richard G. LaBoeuf Family Trust to Estate of Shirley Bruce, 1.2 acres with dwelling, 715 Cedar Beach Road, $718,511.

April 28 Laura Lipton to Christine Souliere and Caryn Waxman, 1 acre boundary adjustment, 236 Lucy’s Lane, $8,353.17.

June 5 Jonathan and Lorelei Atwood to Daniel and Julia Cavanagh, 0.6 acre with dwelling, 13 Common Way, $335,000.

June 8 Residents Trust to Komal Dhall and Ajat Tariyal, 144 acres with dwelling, 1914 Prindle Road, $775,000.

July 11 L. Stephen and Ruthann Hackett to Michael and Kate Cervi, 10.07 acres with dwelling, 150 Lower Old Town Trail, $940,000.

July 14 Fredrick and Sue Ellen Oster to Nicholas Pierce and Kristen Daniels, 9 acres with dwelling, 3494 Mt. Philo Road, $333,500.

July 19 Troy and Yvette Tsounis to Benjamin and Deborah Klemme, 1.19 acres with dwelling, 263 Lynrick Acres Road, $252,000.

July 31 Jerry L. and Janet E. Schwarz to Carrie Tillinghast and Richard Witmer, 4.8 acres with dwelling, 2958 Mt. Philo Road, $440,000.

July 31 Peter Engel and Lisa Rivera to Mitchell Shifrin, 2.01 acres with dwelling, 65 Ferry Road, $300,000.

July 31 Christopher and Nana Boffa to Marshall and Elly Riser, 6.57 acres with dwelling, 6307 Mt. Philo Road, $595,000.

Aug 7:  Amy Love Wright Living Trust to Lewis Mudge and Niccola Milnes, 5.04 acres with dwelling, 3046 Greenbush Road, $810,000.

Aug 7:  Lori Racine, Scott Preston, Gregg Preston, Mark Preston and Gail Knope to Dean C. Freeman, 0.96 acre with dwelling, 345 Hills Point Road, $525,000.

Aug 14 :  Karen White to Steven Gruber, Kristine Lorentzsen, Sheryl Gruber, 3.13 acres with dwelling, 375 Meadowside Drive, $480,000.