Heather McKim, Staff Writer

Appointments have been made over the course of two Selectboard meetings in Charlotte. Marty Illick, James Donovan and Dean Bloch all took positions that serve the town in various ways.

At the July 24 meeting, Donovan was interviewed for reappointment as the town’s representative to the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) for a term ending June 30, 2019. Donovan has served in the role for at least four years. Prior to that, he had been the alternate. He also served the town previously in a position on the Planning Commission, something that he had left due to work commitments. Board members voted unanimously to appoint Donovan to the position with the CCRPC.

Illick was considered for a reappointment as the town’s alternate representative to the CCRPC. A conservationist known for her work with the Lewis Creek Association, Illick is the 2017 winner of the Zetterstrom environmental award. Board members voted unanimously for Illick, who was not present at the meeting, to fill the spot for a term ending June 30, 2019.

At the Aug. 14 meeting, the Selectboard appointed Town Administrator Dean Bloch as the town’s representative to the Transportation Advisory Committee, a subcommittee of the CCRPC. The appointment is for two years. While much of the subcommittee’s focus is on projects in larger towns of the county, Bloch will periodically update the Selectboard on subcommittee matters that are particularly relevant to Charlotte. Since Selectboard member Fritz Tegatz has attended some of the meetings and is familiar with the position, the Selectboard appointed him as the alternate representative.

At the same meeting, Illick was to be considered for a spot as the town’s representative to the Clean Water Advisory Committee, which is a subcommittee of the CCRPC. However, the Selectboard decided to hold off on making the appointment due to Illick’s absence from the meeting. That appointment will be taken up later.