Catching up and buckling down

Correction: This Tree Tribe tree-hugger photo from our last edition was erroneously marked “courtesy photo” when we should have given photo credit to Meg Berlin.

Last week in the Tree Tribe story on page 7 we neglected to give Meg Berlin credit for her stunning images of that old Slippery Elm receiving hugs from our community just before it was removed last year and of the champion White Cedar at Barber Hill Cemetery. In the hustle and bustle of meeting deadlines and getting the paper on the stands we regretfully miss a few things at times. Incidentally, Charlotte’s Tree Tribe still needs volunteers! Check out our last edition for more information.

In other news, Heather Morse and Greg Armell have continued to orchestrate their renovation of the historic Elijah Alexander House. We initially covered the story in our Jan. 11 edition. It is our most popular story this year to date! Feel free to pick up a copy at our office on Ferry Road or read the story online. We caught up with Mike Gingras of Addison Residential last week as he worked on the place. He said the project is both a restoration and a renovation. The exterior main house is almost an exact reproduction of the original trim, entryway and louver in the front gable. The wing details reflect traditional early 1900s style as well. It’s all mahogany and the exposed flashings are copper. It will be ready to paint in about a week.

Mike Gingras of Addison Residential and Lucas Sweeney of Sweeney Construction make steady progress on the Elijah Alexander House in Charlotte. Photo by Heather Morse.

You’ll notice some new writers in this week’s edition. We would like to welcome interns Sarah Wolverton and Tony Reidel to The News team this summer. They are college students who are eager to become published journalists.

Please enjoy this week’s centerfold of Charlotte Central School students who are on their way to high school. High school!?! Can you believe it? Kid grow up so fast!

Speaking of how time flies, in July we will begin our 60th year in production! Please note this honorable mention of editors past:

Nancy Wood, 1958 (summer)
Connie Waller, 1958
Marge Coleman, 1961
Mary King 1974
Abby Sheldon-Dean 1987
Bob and Pat Turner 1992
Janice Heilmann and Elizabeth Bassett 1994
Janice Heilmann 1995
Laura Cahners-Ford 2001
Edd Merritt 2001
Peter Coleman 2002
Robbie Stanley 2004
Melissa O’Brien 2008
Nancy Wood 2009
Rowan Beck 2012
Brett Sigurdson 2013
Alex Bunten 2015

Thank you all for the foundation you have set, and cheers to yet another successful edition of The News.

Remember we are always looking for story and photo submission. So please send yours to Lynn Monty.