Theater troupe Gets Smart at CVU  

KAOS evil operatives, the Wong Sisters, brandish multiple weapons on Maxwell Smart (Kai Reinsborough, seated left) and the lovely 99 (Charlotte resident Meg Young, seated right) in a Chinese restaurant.  (Wong Sisters from L to R: Hannah Frasure, Elise Askew, Mishka Rehak, Halina Vercessi and Alexa Kartchoke.)

Our production of Get Smart was a big success. We had very nice audience turnout, the students had a great time, and, based up on the audience reaction, I think it’s safe to say that those in the audience also enjoyed themselves. Get Smart is based on the classic 1960s television program from the master of comedy Mel Brooks. Agent Maxwell Smart and his lovely assistant, 99, tried to prevent the evil organization, KAOS, from blowing up the Statue of Liberty, while also protecting a Scandinavian princess and tracking down four kidnapped blondes. It’s all in a day’s work for Max Smart. The performance was held March 17 and 18.