Amicable solutions found amid uncertain times is a true sign of a cultured populace

Lynn Monty

Yet another bout of snow threatens to reinforce the white layer of compact precipitation in my backyard as I write this. The ground beneath is burgeoning with life ready to spring up to greet me, but I will have to wait yet another day. I remind myself that those red tulips, yellow daffodils and purple crocuses will eventually emerge with or without my anguish. Truly good things refuse to be forced. And so I chose to be patient and looked for color-filled warmth elsewhere. This day, I found it in the blue eyes of my almost-adult daughter as she told me “I love you” before leaving for school.

It’s clear the most precious things in life come after sometimes painstaking perseverance and patience. It brings to mind the old adage that often gets me through the day … the one about the student who asks his instructor a question about feeding monkeys. He asks, “I feed them in the morning and they complain at night. I feed them at night and they complain in the morning. What do I do?”

The instructor answered, “Let them.”

“Let them” is what I tell myself as I work on my own harried homestead. I say it while raising these two rapidly growing children, while nurturing my marriage into its 25th year, and while juggling to find any semblance of success in my two part-time jobs, one, of course, being the editor of this wonderfully demanding nonprofit newspaper that has an average of 35 items of interest packed into each edition. This is no small feat.

It’s good that everyone has something to say, and I let them.

In big, bustling newsrooms they say, “You are only as good as your last story.” Nowadays my inner voice repeats, “You are only as good as your last edition.” And thus I strive to become a better editor for you with each passing publication. Sometimes it feels like a swing and a miss, but it’s refreshing to know that I have another chance at bat every two weeks. Thankfully, Charlotte has proven to be a forgiving and caring community of dedicated and involved individuals who take the time to educate, communicate and find amicable solutions. If only the compassion we extend to each other here in town could make its way out into our nation to find some solutions there…but I digress.

Needless to say, being a part-time editor at this lively local newspaper is a bigger job than I had anticipated, but ultimately it’s a true joy in my life. I thank you all for your continued patience as our new team learns and grows together toward greater success. We are a paper for Charlotters, by Charlotters, so I urge you to write in, send photos, share your art and become a regular part of our team. We welcome you. This is your paper.

Hopefully by the time you read this, all of this snow will have melted away and vibrant bulbs will begin to sprout. May your mud season slide right on by, nary a winch needed. But I have one if you need one. Email me. I am here.