Solar mowers to hit Charlotte this spring

Church Hill Landscapes in Charlotte prepares to create scenes like this once the snow clears this spring. Courtesy photo.

Charlotters Nate Carr of Church Hill Landscapes and Steven Wisbaum of Eco-Equipment Supply have recently become part of the high-performance electric lawnmower revolution. “My new business was created to serve as the northeast regional rep for Mean Green Products,” Wisbaum said.

Residents are choosing to go greener in their own backyards by changing from gas-powered mowers to solar-assisted lawn care machines. Church Hill Landscapes now offers full-service lawn care that’s quiet, environmentally friendly and affordable for private and commercial landscapes, Carr said.

“Two local businesses arrived at the same conclusion separately, that battery-powered lawn mowing is a great idea for our region,” Carr said. “In one hour, just one gas-powered string trimmer can produce as many emissions as 39 cars traveling at 60 mph.”

Church Hill Landscapes has been in business in Charlotte since 2002, offering landscape installation, garden maintenance, landscape masonry and the like. “As a graduate of an Ecological Studies program and an employer of young people interested in doing something for the environment, I thought the time was right to add electric mowers to the market place,” Carr said. “The mowers we are using can mitigate the enormous environmental cost that the typical outdoor power equipment emits. We think that there are tons of folks who would want to get their lawn cut and know they aren’t unduly harming the environment. We are going to power the mowers with the solar cells mounted on top of our trailer and by buying solar power from our utility company.”

Mean Green Mowers are electric mowers that are solar-assisted. For more information contact Nate Carr at (802) 425-5222.