“The Charlotte 250 – that’s how the story goes”

Charlotte, Vermont. Photo by Edd Merritt.

In 1762, the Township of Charlotta, in the then Province of New Hampshire, was founded. Thus the Town of Charlotte, in the State of Vermont, celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2012. In recognition of the anniversary, 29 citizens of the town were interviewed for 32 stories, recorded on video. The Charlotte Library provided space for the recording, and a set of the four edited DVDs is available from the library for viewing. The stories were transcribed, word for word, then incorporated into a 122-page book, with color photographs of all participants who shared their reflections. The project was truly a volunteer community effort, from the interviewees who came forward with their stories, to the video recording, to the transcriptions, to the book formatting. The only costs incurred were for necessary supplies and the actual printing of the books. Many townspeople purchased copies to treasure for themselves and their families, and so the original first printing was sold out. Since the committee had received a number of requests for The Charlotte 250: That’s How the Story Goes, a second printing has been arranged. The original cost of $25 has been maintained; March 31 is the firm deadline for placing an order.

Do you want to learn how unaccompanied Romeo the horse delivered milk to the creamery? Or how gold sewn in a leather vest bought a large Charlotte farm? These are among the 32 stories, humorous, historical and current, that provide glimpses of Charlotte over time. Storytellers included are Shirley Bean, Jeannie Brink, Bob Chutter, Lydia and Dr. Jack Clemmons, Dan Cole, Jenny Cole, Frances Foster, Janice Garen, Valerie Graham, Clark Hinsdale III, Patti Horsford, Susan Whalley Horsford, Kate Lampton, Mary Lighthall, Robert Mack, Lois McClure, Beth Merritt, Dave Nichols, Happy Patrick, Yvan Plouffe, Leo Roberts, Nancy Sabin, Carrie Spear, Helena and Bid Spear, Kay Teetor, Jay Vogler and Nancy Wood, with an introduction by John Owen.

This may be the last reprinting and the last opportunity to own a copy of The Charlotte 250: That’s How the Story Goes. Checks for $25 may be made to “The Historic Quinlan Schoolhouse” and sent or delivered by March 31 to the Charlotte Library, 115 Ferry Road, P.O. Box 120, Charlotte, VT 05445, along with your name, address and phone number. You will be called when your book has arrived. Please note: All funds will be used for the reprinting, none are attributable to the volunteer organizations of the Charlotte Library or the Quinlan Schoolhouse. $25 and the book is yours!