John Hammer, Contributing Editor

The deadline for submitting petitions for elected public office is next Monday, January 30. The Town of Charlotte depends to a great extent on its volunteers. Don’t let that frighten you. All you need to do to get on the ballot is to circulate a petition, get the signatures of 30 registered Charlotte voters and submit it to the Town Clerk’s Office on time. Campaigning is as hard as you wish to make it, and you have plenty of opportunities and time to do so. If you are running unopposed, its almost a “walk in the park.” Don’t let this suggest that the jobs are not important; they are, but they can be fun and are inevitably rewarding, too.

The following positions for town offices are up for election March 7, 2017. Petitions are available at the Town Clerk’s office. In each case, the name of the incumbent is listed. Those names in bold have submitted petitions to run or have indicated a desire to run as of the publication date.

  • Auditor: 3-year term (Jennifer Cole, incumbent), Allen Ash
  • Cemetery Commissioner: 3-year term: Chris Falk
  • Cemetery Commissioner: 2-year term (Victoria Zulkoski, incumbent)
  • Cemetery Commissioner: 1-year term (vacant), Susan O’Hanian
  • CVU School Director: 3-year term* (Lorna Jimerson, incumbent)
  • CCS School Director: 3-year: Susan Nostrand
  • CCS School Director: 2-year term* (Erik Beal, incumbent)
  • CCS School Director: 1-year term* (Sue Thibault, incumbent)
  • Library Trustee: 5-year term (Nan Mason, incumbent)
  • Delinquent Tax Collector: 1-year term (Mary Mead, incumbent)
  • Lister: 3-year term (vacant), Charles Russell
  • Town Moderator: 1-year term (Jerry Schwartz, incumbent**) Ed Stone, Charles Russell, John Rosenthal
  • School Moderator: 1-year term (Jerry Schwartz, incumbent**) Ed Stone, Charles Russell
  • Road Commissioner: 1-year term (Hugh Lewis Jr, incumbent)
  • Selectboard: 2-year term (Jacob Spell, incumbent) Seth Zimmerman, Frank Tenney
  • Selectboard: 3-year term (Fritz Tegatz, incumbent) Ed Stone
  • Town Agent: 1-year term (vacant)
  • Town Grand Juror: 1-year term (vacant)
  • Trustee of Public Funds: 3-year term (Jill Lowry, incumbent)
  • Trustee of Public Funds: 2-year term (vacant)

* Position may expire around the end of CY 2016 depending on a decision arising from the consolidation of school districts (Act 46).

** Indicates not running.

Mark your calendars now for Town Meeting, Tuesday, March 7, 2017